Swim Ireland's Open Water Programmes aim to build your confidence in the water, from wherever you are now, to wherever it is you dream of going on your open water journey.

Our experienced Swimming Teachers and Open Water Swimming Coaches share your love of the water, and are passionate about helping you enjoy the water to the fullest, safely.

Daily Dippers

Bringing community together for a dip,
in a relaxed, social and safe environment!

All around Ireland Swim Ireland's Daily Dippers will meet for an hour under the watchful eye of a coach and lifeguard.

Dippers can join the session at any stage during the hour. After each session, the lifeguard or coach will join the Dippers at a local café for refreshments and to answer any questions.

It's open to all ages and abilities and is free of charge.

Beach To Buoy

Dreaming of swimming out to that buoy?

Then this is the course for you!

Programme: 4-8 weeks
One 45-minute Session Per Week

Improve your confidence and technique in open water. Participants should already be able to swim 50m, with a goal of completing 700m at the end of the programme.

Open Water Skills

If you can swim 700m and want to improve,
this is the programme for you!

Programme: 4-8 weeks
One 45-minute Session Per Week

It's aimed at experienced swimmers who want to improve technique, skills and stamina in open water. Participants should be able to swim 700m already, with a view to building distance in a safe and encouraging environment.

Yoga and Dip

Fancy a stretch and a dip once a week?

Programme: 8 weeks

Be guided by a qualified yoga instructor for 30 minutes then take to the open water, under the watchful eye of our Swimming Teacher and lifeguard, who will ensure your safety and provide tips and advice.

Me and the Water

Swim for a Mile

Outdoor Pool and Individual Challenge!

Programme: 10 weeks

If you can swim a little, we can help you swim a mile! This programme is written by Swim Ireland coaches for you to follow in your own time, or with one of our SFAM training groups at a participating pool.

At the end of the 10 weeks, participants have the chance to complete a timed mile (or half mile) in an official SFAM Challenge Event.

Sign up to download the training plan at swimforamile.com

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