5 Swimrise Tips for Sunrise Swimming

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One positive to winter for open water swimmers is that sunrises are later, making swimrises – swimming at sunrise – more regularly achievable. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, we’ve got some tips you should be aware of. Choose an east-facing swim spot The sun rises in the east (and sets in the […]

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Why Use A Tow-Float in Open Water?

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You’ve seen the water dotted with them, but why should open water swimmers use a tow-float? First of all, let’s explain what they are. A tow-float is a small, brightly-coloured inflatable that you attach to your body via a waist band and leash. It floats along behind you as you swim, making you more visible […]

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Choice Hotel Group New Member Offer

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Thanks to Choice Hotel Group, all new Me and the Water members from July 10 to August 16 will be entered into a prize draw to win a hotel break and family Open Water activity From coast to coast, Choice Hotel Group hotels are located in the popular cities of Galway and Dublin, as well […]

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Compass jellyfish suspended in green sea with sun shining through the surface

Jellyfish: the definitive guide for open water swimmers

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Few things in the world of open water swimming generate the same level of confusion, contradictory information and fear as jellyfish do, writes Anna Wardley for Outdoor Swimmer Magazine. Despite their ability to mesmerise with their striking colours, graceful pulsating movements and other-worldliness, their presence can reduce even the toughest of swimmers into a wobbly […]

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