Portsalon Plungers by Mary O’Doherty

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I’m as excited as a child on Christmas Eve, though I’m an adult and it’s June; Lockdown is ending and the only way to celebrate is a Sunrise Hike and a Swim. Little did we know that we were on the cusp of something wonderful that would get us through a tougher second Lockdown. As […]

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This is a story of girl meets buoy – Sarah Kerrigan

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Sarah Kerrigan lives for her time in the sea with friends and family, drinking in nature, and enjoying a low impact exercise where her (dis)ability isn’t a factor. On the last Saturday of October one of my swimming buddies and I decided we were going to attempt heading out to the first buoy at Sandycove […]

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Is This A Mistake by Pearse Reynolds

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Is this a mistake? The fear is real, it’s been so long. Maybe I’ve forgotten how? Do I bolt, send an excuse? Oh hell, too late, they’ll already have left, I’d say most are probably nearly here. They arrive, we exchange greetings, cross the tracks, smelling the fresh earth scent that only early morning can […]

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The Kilmore Kippers by Jacintha Cloney

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I was bricking it! The target was a tall metal structure in the middle of The Little Beach to the left of the busy little fishing harbour. The cries of encouragement were mixed with those of the circling seagulls, normally more enamoured by the discarded chips of tourists. I was out of my depth and […]

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The Miracle by Emma Callanan

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Everyone at the lake was staring at us. I guess it’s human nature, when you hear a blood curdling scream to stop and stare. My 8-year-old son was screaming like he was in an audition for Jaws, and my 7-year-old daughter was swimming out to the middle of the lake, laughing hysterically at the excitement […]

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WIN a photo-shoot for your Swim Group!

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We’re giving Me and the Water members the chance to WIN a photo-shoot worth €500 for their Swim Group, complete with Me and the Water goodies! This photo-shoot will take place at your local swim spot and will provide you with memories to last a life-time! We’ll also feature some of the photos on Me…...

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