Introducing the 2021 Deeswimber Challenge

There’s a reason that almost 200 people across the world took part in a little-known Irish December swimming challenge last year.

Deeswimber is run by Swim Ireland Open Water Ambassador Dee Newell to support the Irish Cancer Society. It asks you to commit to 20 dips in the month to help Dee raise awareness and more funds for a cause that will affect most people at some point in their lives.

It’s been running for three years and last year raised more than €20,000 for the Irish Cancer Society.

The success of this challenge is down to it being based on Instagram, and the community taking part posting photos of their stunning wintry swims across Ireland and further afield every day.

Anyone taking part feels the draw of counting up to that magic 20, but also gets constantly reminded of what they miss out on if they don’t make those plans, make the effort and keeping getting those dips in!

There’s also the mighty craic when double dip days are needed!

These dips don’t need to be long. Just getting outside and getting wet counts. But however long the dip, you’ll be rewarded for the effort by the post-swim high, chats and snacks and being part of the Deeswimber community.

Dee normally organises an end-of-challenge memento, and has spot prizes donated from small businesses in her community. So even if the challenge itself doesn’t entice, perhaps the promise of goodies and emailed tips from Dee herself will.

We’re proud to support a Swim Ireland Open Water Ambassador by promoting this challenge, and hope you’ll enjoy getting involved!

To say thank you, we’re running a prize draw for Me and the Water members who register to take part in Deeswimber via JustGiving.

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