Me and the Water – The Hat

When Swim Ireland began planning the Me and the Water community, we wanted a swimming hat for members to wear that embodied what ‘Me and the Water’ means.

‘Me and the Water’ is the Swim Ireland mantra, a phrase which says: ‘It’s just me and the water; that’s all I want, that’s all I need. Me and the water time is my happy place, my solace.’

We asked Cathy Hogan, an illustrator from Cork, to design a scene that brought to life the feeling of Me and the Water, and represented those among us who see swimming as a lifestyle, rather than a sport, and are in love with the open water.

Meeting more people who have this passion and learning their mantra was also hugely inspiring and greatly influenced the design

We also sent Cathy our manifesto (see below), which she used as part of her inspiration for the finished design, along with memories of her own me and the water time.

“The concept for the illustration was inspired by observing swimmers in their happy place at the beach and by the pool,” Cathy explained. “In the zone and focussed, dipping a toe in, or floating looking up at the sky.”

She added: “When I am near water it is the closest I feel to nature. Growing up near rivers and trips to the pool or seaside are memories I cherish.

“As a novice swimmer myself, I admire people who have this skill and a special connection to the water. Meeting more people who have this passion and learning their mantra was also hugely inspiring and greatly influenced the design.” 

Every swimmer who registers to become a Me and the Water member will receive the Me and the Water Special Edition swim hat with their welcome pack. What’s more, we intend to change what’s in the welcome pack each year, so every time you renew, you’ll receive something new that helps your Me and the Water time.

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Toe in the water. Face in the water. Staying afloat.
Touching the bottom. One length without stopping.
Fifty lengths without stopping.
Diving from the 10 meter board, without a toe out of place.
Wading in amongst the horde, without running back out again.
Lying flat on my back. Out to the buoy and back.
Holding my breath. Holding court.
Relaying. Relaxing. Getting used to the water.
Getting fit. Getting faster.

Me and the water.

Swim Ireland manifesto

6 thoughts on “Me and the Water – The Hat

  • Deirdre

    I will have 6 or 7 Deaf women starting sea meeting on Tuesday at 40foot…their first time and hopefully every Tuesday….
    I am unsure if we will need someone to watch them…they just go for a dip and don’t want any serious sea swim…thanks

  • Colette

    They sea is my mistress, when she calls there’s no denying her

  • Ann Marie Hurley

    Delighted with my swimming hat! Love the colours …here’s to a safe fun filled swimming summer!!

    • Jessica Lamb

      Thank you for the message Ann Marie! It literally makes our day when we know people have got their hats and are out swimming!

  • Louise O'Neill

    Brilliant initiative well done for the amazing programme put together for members, received my fab hat today, will be wearing it for a morning swim tomorrow. Thank you.

    • Jessica Lamb

      Thank you so much for letting us know Louise! It has been so exciting to see the hats all over and people enjoying their Me and the Water time!

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