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5 Swimrise Tips for Sunrise Swimming

Posted in Swimming Tips

One positive to winter for open water swimmers is that sunrises are later, making swimrises – swimming at sunrise – more regularly achievable. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, we’ve got some tips you should be aware of. Choose an east-facing swim spot The sun rises in the east (and sets in the […]

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The Kilmore Kippers by Jacintha Cloney

Posted in Swim Stories

I was bricking it! The target was a tall metal structure in the middle of The Little Beach to the left of the busy little fishing harbour. The cries of encouragement were mixed with those of the circling seagulls, normally more enamoured by the discarded chips of tourists. I was out of my depth and […]

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Why Use A Tow-Float in Open Water?

Posted in Swim Safety

You’ve seen the water dotted with them, but why should open water swimmers use a tow-float? First of all, let’s explain what they are. A tow-float is a small, brightly-coloured inflatable that you attach to your body via a waist band and leash. It floats along behind you as you swim, making you more visible […]

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3 Things for Open Water Swimmers To Do In The Pool

Posted in Swimming Tips

Winter in Ireland means cold water getting colder and open water swims getting shorter – or disappearing altogether. But you can still get your swimming fix and improve your open water swimming in the pool! Swimming in the pool is essential to improving and maintaining your swimming fitness, and following a good training plan, getting…...

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